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Citizens need space to rest and play

As we plan and redevelop our cities, we must give more thought to providing open area for sport and recreation. Why? Because public spaces refresh the soul of a city. They enhance their appeal and help citizens adopt a healthier lifestyle.

So if cities are to thrive, people can’t be confined and constricted. They need somewhere to rest and play, linger and mingle. This social interaction through sport and leisure doesn’t just help people to enjoy life, it also plays an important role in the development of a collective identity.

Our urge to congregate and engage isn’t just a basic human need and desire. It’s also an economic imperative, because the fate of urban areas can depend on whether they offer enough opportunities for interaction across social hierarchies.

We therefore believe that community spaces, where people are free to spread their wings, should be part of the urban vision for all cities.
Citizens need space to rest and play

Download the complete Human Cities initiative booklet (PDF - 5MB)